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Streamline your operations with a unified source of truth for all your Orders and Inventory

With real-time tracking and detailed reporting, our software ensures that inventory levels are up to date and accurate, reducing the risk of stock shortages or overstocking. This increased visibility and control also enables Shelf-Cloud to quickly respond to customer needs and adjust shipments, ensuring that products are delivered on time and to the right place.


About Shelf-Cloud

End-to-end customer experience

Our innovative inventory management software streamlines operations for merchants, enabling them to effortlessly add SKUs, assemble bundles, accurately forecast inventory, and more. By leveraging our extensive network of shipping carriers, we provide the most cost-effective shipping options that balance pricing with delivery speed.


Fulfillment Software Features

Shelf-Cloud empowers your brand to execute enterprise-class fulfillment operations. Whether managing order inflows, shipping outflows, inventory levels or warehouse management, our platform has all the features to help you dominate your brand’s growth.

Reverse Logistics

Efficiently manage your returns and seamlessly add them back to your inventory

Streamline your reverse logistics process with the ability to effortlessly generate return labels and track the status of returned items. Capitalize on our cost-effective options to manage your inventory and reduce waste.


Inventory Accuracy

Realiable inventory

Our advanced inventory management software empowers you to proactively manage stock levels and seamlessly distribute accurate inventory information across all your sales channels.


Order Management

Track your orders

Experience end-to-end order tracking with our software. Easily filter orders by status, search for specific ones, and get a clear, real-time overview of their fulfillment journey from start to finish.


All your business logistics under your fingertips

Inventory, orders, and shipping all in one place.

Say farewell to cumbersome spreadsheets and hello to streamlined operations with Shelf-Cloud's inventory portal. Our proprietary software empowers us to offer tailored features that drive success for your business, while providing full control over all aspects of our operation.


Check your inventory
Track inventory levels and identify your best-selling. SKUs.


Check your orders
Stay up-to-date on every shipment with real-time tracking through the Shelf-Cloud platform.


Check your Storage Levels
Stay informed about your storage levels and pay only for the space you occupy with our efficient billing software.


Check your billing
Gain clarity and control over your costs with a detailed breakdown in the billing portal, allowing you to accurately plan and budget.


Supercharged 3PL Services: Elevate Your Logistics Game

Experience a comprehensive solution beyond just picking, packing, and shipping with our innovative platform.

"Shelf-Cloud customizes the unboxing experience to match your brand, offering a choice of custom branded boxes or free plain packaging. Our platform helps you deliver the fastest and most cost-effective shipping options to exceed customer expectations. Real-time tracking is seamlessly integrated back to your store as soon as an order ships.

We streamline the return process by providing return management services that make it easy for customers to initiate returns, track their progress, and efficiently get products back into available inventory. From start to finish, we help you create a seamless, hassle-free experience for both you and your customers.

Why choose us for your service


Solutions for your Unique Needs

Expand your capabilities with Shelf-Cloud's comprehensive range of services including kitting, B2B orders, international fulfillment and beyond, tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.


Grow with Confidence

Fuel your business growth with Shelf-Cloud, your partner in success. Whether expanding domestically or internationally, we provide the seamless support you need to increase revenue and reach new heights.


Unbeatable Support: Raising the Bar for Customer Service

Benefit from lightning-fast support from dedicated specialists who understand your unique requirements. Our on-site representatives are available to swiftly resolve any issues and keep your operations running smoothly.


A Robust Ecosystem of Integrations

Experience effortless setup with our over 20 shopping cart and marketplace integrations, ensuring smooth integration and streamlined operations.